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Our full feature list & audio conference keypad controls

ROSTER PRIVATE A roster of participant names is available for the moderator.
A roster of names is broadcast to the entire conference call group. Also known as roll call.
Live operator assistance is available during your conference call by pressing *0. 
 MODERATOR DIAL OUT A moderator may dial out to a participants telephone number, join the caller to the meeting and disconnect the line.
RECORD Start recording your call with the push of a button. Name your recording to keep multiple files on hand.
PLAYBACK A RECORDING  Playback your previously recorded files, moderator can playback on demand as well as playback for all to hear during a live conference call.
 GAIN Turning Gain on enhances the volume consistency among callers. 
 LECTURE MODE  A moderator may mute and unmute all Conference participant lines. Muting the participants allows them to participate in a 'listen-only' mode and ensures maximum clarity on the call. 
 INDIVIDUAL LINE MUTE  Moderator and participants may mute/unmute their individual line using a keypad function in the event their telephone does not have a mute feature on it. 
CONFERENCE LOCK  For security moderator can lock the conference call restricting anyone else to join the meeting. 
 CALL COUNT   A moderator can hear a private count of callers currently connected to the call using a quick keypad function. 
 NAME RECORDING Each caller is prompted to state their name before they join the conference call and their name is recorded. This allows the moderator / host to either listen to the Roster privately, broadcast a roll call or 
 FAST DIAL TELEPHONE LIST  A moderator can fast dial a preset list of telephone numbers. Participants answering the call will be prompted to join the meeting at the push of a button. 
 START/JOIN SUBCONFERENCE  Moderator and participants may join one of nine sub-conferences using simple key pad functions.
RECALL FROM SUBCONFERENCE Moderators can pull all guests back from subconference at the push of a button or can broadcast a message requesting that everyone rejoin to the main conference call.
 BREAKOUT SESSIONS  Subconferences are also known as breakout sessions.
 CONFERENCE END A moderator may use a simple key pad function to disconnect all callers, ensuring that the "room" is clear for another conference to begin.
 MUSIC AWAITING CHAIR  Moderators can select to place all participants on hold, with music playing, until the moderator joins to begin the conference.
 CHAIR HANG UP  When the last caller using the host/chair access code hangs up, all guest lines are automatically disconnected from the call.
ENTRY/EXIT TONES  If the moderator chooses to enable this function they will hear beeps to indicate that someone has either joined or left the conference. This can also be disabled.
ENTRY ANNOUNCEMENT  If enable this feature will announce the participants recorded name is announced to the entire group as each person enters the conference call.

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