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1-512-404-2300 (International)

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The VoiceText difference 

With VoiceText flat rate operator services you can pay attention to your conference call, not the ticking clock. Unlike our competitors, who usually charge per minute/ per participant, our operator costs are upfront and easy to understand. Additionally, we don't require that you bundle services you don't need- our services can be mixed and matched to suit your conference call.

A few of our most popular services include:


 Open up the field to questions, your dedicated operator will place callers in a que when participants use their keypad to virtually "raise their hand". When it's their turn their name will be announced as they are introduced and invited to ask their question.


Information Screening

As callers dial in our operators gather their information. Immediately following your meeting you will receive a complete report with the information you requested and call details.

Call Monitoring

A professional operator will stay on the line, listening to your conference call and ensure that nothing interrupts the quality of your conference.


Security Clearance

Our operators can screen callers for specific information such as a password or we can check them off of a participant list. Let us help you ensure privacy on your sensitive calls while providing a warm greeting for your participants. 


Record you call

We can provide a professional recording of your call, available in an MP3 format and ready for you right after the call. Multi-channel recording is our standard, we leave nothing to chance.


Operator Dial-Out

Rather than asking your participants to dial in to a conference call our operators will call them for you. Your participants receive a courteous greeting and are placed in to the call just minutes before it begins or as their presence is needed. 

Pre-Conference Room

A place for you to meet with other hosts to discuss the upcoming call. You also have the opportunity to meet with the operator to discuss any specific instructions for the management of your call.


Full Event Management

Let our operators manage your conference by providing a pre-conference room, call monitoring, call recording and Q&A. Need a custom package? No problem, let us provide a quote.

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 Transcription services

From voice to text, your recorded audio file will be typed and delivered to you in easy to manage Microsoft Word format. A professional transcriber, not software, will listen to and create your text file ensuring accuracy. 3-5 day turn around, expedited services are available.

 Share your conference call via the web

Audio streaming by VoiceText allows your call to be broadcast to thousands. Your audience can listen from any device, anywhere in the world. Interactive tools allow participants to submit questions during the live call. Or stream a pre-recorded audio file after editing.

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